Private landlords have been offered some advice on how to avoid being taken to court.

Landlord legal issues can be averted by following a number of processes, according to property website

If maintenance work needs to be done, a property owner should act quickly, the portal stated.

"This helps to fix the problem before it gets worse and also helps you avoid lawsuits that a tenant might file if he's injured as a result of the delay in repairs,"it added. also advised landlords to have property and liability insurance, which covers them against some lawsuits. Indeed, Let Insurance Services suggested last week that insuring a building is a vital move for any landlord.

Landlord responsibilities make a lengthy list and another one someone renting out a home needs to follow once a tenancy agreement is signed is to tour the rental property with the customer.

Both parties can make notes of the property's condition, which can be referred to at end of a tenancy when the decision about deposit returns is made.

Written by Mark Garner

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