The managing director of the Buy-to-Let Show Oliver Romain has issued a reminder about landlord responsibilities.

In particular reference to landlord law, the property expert said that it is important private landlords obey all the legal requirements that apply.

He indicated that anyone who has become a so-called accidental landlord should tell their mortgage companies and insurance firms so that it is clear the home are now being used for business purposes.

There are a plethora of landlord legal issues that people in the buy-to-let sector must remember, Mr Romain explained.

"There are over 80 different laws, rules and regulations that cover the private rental sector and affect landlords, so there is an awful lot to learn because there is a lot of danger that can impact on landlords,"he commented.

Earlier this week, the National Landlords Association warned buy-to-let professionals to be on the look out for tenants who use properties as cannabis factories. The problem of drug use in rental property is an issue the group is currently trying to clamp down.

Written by Mark Garner


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