A new guide from the British Property Federation (BPF) will help private landlords and their tenants, it has been suggested.

The publication, which goes into detail about the government's carbon reduction commitment (CRC), offers specific advice to those in the private rented sector and this has been welcomed by energy and climate change minister Joan Ruddock.

"I welcome the property sector's involvement with the development of CRC and commend this very helpful guide, addressing the needs of both landlords and tenants,"the politician explained.

CRC is the name of a scheme which - over the coming years - will aim to reduce carbon emissions across the public sector.

The new guide reveals key steps for landlords and tenants to consider such as advice on how costs should be apportioned between the two parties and what should happen when a building is bought or sold to/from an organisation or individual outside the scheme.

Private landlords are also advised how they can utilise the CRC recycling payments to increase the energy efficiency of their complete portfolios.

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