Cash rich landlords ‘have been waiting for downturn’

Some investors in property - such as private landlords - have been waiting for an economic downturn "for a long time", it has been suggested.Property prices have dropped from their autumn 2007 high over the last two years - and managing director Keshav Thukaram has indicated that a number of property professionals feel they [...]

Landlord advice given to buy-to-let investors

Private landlords have been told that a buy-to-let property investment is something more likely to make them money over a long period of time, rather than being a short-term financial fix.Chris Horne, editor of Property Hawk website, said that this has always been the case, but it could be particularly pertinent considering the current economic [...]

More regulation ‘would aid private landlords’

Private landlords would benefit from increased regulation across the buy-to-let housing sector, according to one property expert.Stuart Law, chief executive officer and founder of investment advisers Assetz, said that private landlords would "raise their standards"if there was further regulation implemented.If this was to occur, it would allow individual property professionals to compete with the [...]