Private landlords in the UK must ensure they keep on top of the legal framework regulating their industry, according to the National Landlords Association's (NLA) media relations manager Steve Hilton.

In landlord advice to those who may be having second thoughts about being involved in the private rented sector, he said that help is at hand from respected groups such as the NLA.

"There are people who have found themselves in the situation where they are letting property and it perhaps wasn't the plan a year or six months ago,"he explained, referring to the spate of so-called accidental landlords who joined the market when they were unable to sell their homes.

Acting as a private landlord is not the equivalent of being a rocket scientist, Mr Hilton added.

The NLA is hosting its National Conference in Birmingham between November 20th and 21st, which will provide property professionals with landlord advice and networking opportunities, as well as workshops and industry commentary.

Written by Sarah Field


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