An increasing number of MPs could soon become tenants of rented property, according to the National Landlords Association (NLA) - and this could give them a good insight into how the private rented sector functions.

With MPs' expenses and second home allowances at the centre of much debate at present, rule changes could soon result in many politicians having to rent property - and the NLA has offered some guidance in the event of this happening.

NLA chairman David Salusbury said that having to rent their homes "could well help to broaden MPs' understanding of the contribution the modern private rented sector makes to the country's housing mix".

Tips offered by the association revolved around tenancy agreements and landlord-tenancy relationships.

A statement from the NLA said that it is important for tenants to stay in close contact with private landlords and for problems to be dealt with as and when they arise.

MPs were also advised not to rush into choosing the first home they find because it is vital to undertake thorough research when looking for somewhere to live.

The tables will be turned later this month, however, when Ian Austin MP speaks at the NLA National Conference in Birmingham. He is set to discuss some of the latest regulatory developments in the private rented sector.

Written by Mark Garner

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