The National Landlords Association (NLA) is determined to ensure the government focuses on dealing with the problem of unscrupulous landlords, rather than "over-burdening the law-abiding majority".

According to the chairman of the organisation David Salusbury, there is a "small minority"of rogue landlords that bring the private rented sector into disrepute.

His comments came after the NLA National Conference, at which Ian Austin MP addressed the guests.

On the subject of the politician's appearance at the annual gathering, Mr Salusbury said: "It was a great pleasure to welcome the minister to our national conference and we look forward to working with him and his team in the future."

However, the chairman also claimed that even the government does not know how the proposed landlord register will be able to locate misbehaving landlords, as many "work so hard at keeping themselves under the radar".

People who attended the NLA National Conference between November 20th and 21st were able to take part in various sessions, varying in subject from property tax to landlord legal issues.

Written by Sarah Field

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