The Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) has welcomed the Civil Procedure Rules that ensure tenants of rental property receive seven weeks notice of the date of a repossession hearing.

However, in a statement this week, the association's president Lucy Morton said that the government needs to do more to help tenants whose private landlords are subject to repossession orders.

And although a new Consumer White Paper has been published - which details a number of ways tenants can be assisted - there are apparently some gaps in the guidance.

"If the repossession order is not granted and tenants agree a new contract with another landlord, they will have broken the law by reneging on a legally binding contract,"Ms Morton explained.

She added that tenants should get "adequate notice from the date a repossession order is granted"- this is not addressed in the white paper.

Earlier this year, Arla launched a new licensing scheme for letting agents to help regulate this sector of the property market more closely.

Written by John Weeks

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