HMOs: what you need to know

 According to the Government’s website, the definition of a House in Multiple Occupation -HMO for short - is, “if you let (or plan to let) to at least three tenants who form more than one household and who share (or will share) toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities”. Put simply, if you’re renting a property [...] Energy costs ‘rising substantially’

Landlords and their tenants have could increasingly find that household energy is unaffordable, it has been commented on a report released yesterday (January 21st) by Ofgem, which said that there were worrying trends in this area.Average debt for energy bills was continuing to see an annual increase and was 20 per cent higher in [...]

Private rented sector dominance ‘increasing’

The private rented sector has seen an increase in the past decade, after three-decade decline.Halifax's survey on the UK housing market noted its findings, which stated that the proportion of privately rented homed was 14 per cent in 2008.This is in comparison with the nine per cent statistic reported in 1991. The survey looked at [...]

Home phone providers are ‘stumbling’

Many tenants and homeowners may not be satisfied with their home phone providers, it has been claimed.This is according to the first annual Customer Satisfaction Awards.Product director at the company Michael Phillips said: "There are still some stumbling blocks that home phone providers need to address if they are going to retain their customers [...]

Deposit protection scheme sees ‘hefty price increase’

Landlords and tenants who use deposit protection schemes may be affected by new charges from The Dispute Service (TDS). New subscriptions for 2010-11 will be charged in two instalments. In the summer there will be a second invoice, which will look at the number of disputes submitted and any changes made to registered tenancies.However, chief [...]

New rules for doorstep energy sales

Tenants and landlords should be aware of new rules governing doorstep energy sales, which were introduced yesterday (January 18th). states that there is now more protection for consumers, but this does not mean they can let their guards down.A written quote must be supplied by the seller on the doorstep - as well as [...]

Worried bill payers ‘should contact suppliers’

Tenants who are worried about their energy bills should speak to tariff providers immediately, it has been advised.Many bill payers will worry about their fuel bills following the big freeze this month, revealed yesterday (January 18th).Some 40 per cent of annual energy consumption is used in the winter months, it was claimed."This recent cold [...]

A ‘big thaw’could follow the big freeze

Tenants and landlords may consider guarding properties against floods, after it was announced that a big thaw will follow the cold snap.Zurich Municipal said that this weekend could see heavy rain combined with warmer temperatures than the UK has been seeing.Landlords with properties in areas affected by heavy snow may therefore have to consider contingency [...]

Rental market could increase ‘due to mortgages’

Landlords in some areas of the UK could see an increase in potential tenants, according to one expert.Director of residential research at Savills Lucian Cook said: "There is the possibility that you will see more long-term rent demand."This is a result of people not being able to access the mortgage market or afford to purchase [...]

Burst pipe claims ‘can cost thousands’

Landlords should make sure their properties are protected against burst water pipes, after it was revealed that a claim can cost £3,000.Virgin Money Home Insurance said that escape of water accounted for 15 per cent of all the company's claims received between December 2009 and November 2009.Spokesperson at the company Grant Bather said: "Some parts [...]