Energy costs ‘rising substantially’

Landlords and their tenants have could increasingly find that household energy is unaffordable, it has been commented on a report released yesterday (January 21st) by Ofgem, which said that there were worrying trends in this area.Average debt for energy bills was continuing to see an annual increase and was 20 per cent higher in [...]

New rules for doorstep energy sales

Tenants and landlords should be aware of new rules governing doorstep energy sales, which were introduced yesterday (January 18th). states that there is now more protection for consumers, but this does not mean they can let their guards down.A written quote must be supplied by the seller on the doorstep - as well as [...]

Retrofitting ‘should be more popular’

Landlords may consider making property more energy efficient, following claims that more well-known companies are promoting retrofitting.Deputy director of Green Alliance Thomas Lingard said that retrofitting is an important part of the UK's aim to cut carbon emissions."People are very protective of their houses and will be reassured by brands that they know and trust. [...]

Tenants could be avoiding heating ‘to save for rent’

Tenants and homeowners may be trying to use less heating during the cold weather because they do not wish to incur high bills, according to Shelter.Some 27 per cent of respondents to a survey by the organisation said that they are spending less on bills in a bid to help pay rents or mortgages.Director of [...]

Boiler scrappage scheme launched today

Tenants and property owners could see reduced energy bills as the boiler scrappage scheme is introduced today (January 5th). Prime minister Gordon Brown and energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband have launched the scheme, which aims to upgrade household heating systems.Those properties which contain G-rated boilers are eligible to apply for a £400 voucher [...]

Financial incentives for eco-friendly property owners

Landlords may be further encouraged to install self-generated power devices after it was announced that the financial incentives they offer give "more assistance now than ever before".The spokesperson for British Eco Energy also claimed that an ever-increasing number of property owners are looking at such devices. Solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity or hot water systems are [...]

TCPA: Eco-towns are a unique opportunity

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) has advised landlords and property owners that eco-towns present a unique opportunity.Guidance from the charity was sponsored by the government entitled Developing energy efficient and zero-carbon strategies for eco-towns. It said that eco-towns must be carbon neutral and aim to be so through energy efficiency, on-site energy generation [...]

Conservatives plan £6,500 grants to improve property

Homeowners and landlords could see home energy efficiency improvements worth up to £6,500 if the Conservative Party is elected into government in the 2010 general election.The party announced on December 16th that grants would be offered to homes in a bid to make properties more energy efficient.Director of the National Home Improvement Council Andrew Leech [...]

Helping hand for landlords wanting to green-proof properties

Landlords wishing to green-proof their properties could get a helping hand from the government, according to housing and planning minister John Healey. Mr Healey proposed a new green rating for houses that will be more consumer-friendly than the current Code for Sustainable Homes, which was introduced in April 2007.A star rating system of one to [...]

Financial rewards for environmentally friendly property owners

Landlords may wish to consider installing renewable energy devices in properties after the chancellor cited potential rewards of £900 a year in his pre-budget report. Alistair Darling announced that property owners who have installed home wind turbines or solar panels which are plugged in to the national grid will receive an average of £900 per [...]