All private landlords, as well as other homeowners, will have smart meters in their properties by 2020 if the government meets its targets - now an online advice and comparison site representative has said why this may be a positive move.

Will Marples, energy expert at, suggested that the technology allows consumers to monitor their energy consumption more carefully and be more environmentally friendly.

Although he did not highlight the benefits for the private rented sector in particular, the system may aid landlord-tenant relationships.

One of a private landlord's responsibilities is to hand over the meter readings at the start of a tenancy agreement - and with a smart meter, it will be clear to see what the rates of energy usage have been.

Mr Marples explained: "Smart meters are obviously still a relatively new technology and are beginning to bed in but they allow you to manage your usage better and have a real-time view of what you are spending."

Written by Mark Garner


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