Elizabeth Brogan steps down from her role as senior policy officer at the National Landlords Association (NLA) tomorrow and her parting message indicates that she is happy with the work she has done to help the private rented sector.

Both private landlords and the tenants they call their customers will have benefited from Ms Brogan's five years at the organisation, it would seem.

Some of the issues she has dealt with in that period include house in multiple occupation licensing, fire safety, homelessness and energy efficiency.

Regarding the latter area of her work, it is perhaps fitting that she departs now following recent government announcements that smart meters will be introduced in all homes by 2020 and thousands of new greener properties will be built in that time too.

Ms Brogan said that now was the time to seek a fresh challenge in her career.

"I feel the work I have done has made a genuine contribution to improving the reputation of the sector - an improvement which was ultimately demonstrated in the outcome of the Rugg review,"she explained.

Written by Mark Garner

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