Private landlords and general homeowners alike have been advised on which property improvements can boost the value of bricks and mortar.

According to the latest instalment of the Halifax Home Improvement Survey, it is often the low-cost and smaller changes that can make all the difference regarding the price of a home.

With the environment a topical issue, it is perhaps no surprise that fuel efficiency and energy-saving measures are the top-performing improvement as they can add around two-and-a-half times the original outlay to the cost of a property.

Earlier this year, the government announced that all homes in the UK will be fitted with smart meters by 2020 - this development is set to be good for the environment as it will allow homeowners to better gauge their energy usage.

Halifax's other positive home improvements include home security measures, redecoration, garden renovation and loft conversions.

Any private landlord who focuses on these changes may find that - as well as boosting the value of a home - their property becomes more marketable to potential tenants.

Written by John Weeks

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