Private landlords have been urged to check the manufacturer and design of the cookers they provide tenants after a warning about a potential carbon monoxide risk was made by Trading Standards.

Some Leisure, Flavel, New World and Belling products could produce dangerous levels of the gas if the grill door is not left open during use - and these type of products could be present in private rented sector housing across the UK.

Christine Heemskerk, product safety lead officer from the Trading Standards Institute, said there was a "serious risk"of carbon monoxide poisoning from such products. The specific models are listed on the organisation's website.

"We are urging consumers, including landlords and letting agents, to check the brand and model of their cooker today,"she stated.

Landlords should always ensure that their gas appliances are checked on a regular basis and must be able to supply an up-to-date gas safety certificate to tenants when requested to do so.

As of April 1st this year, all gas appliances must meet the standards set by the Gas Safe Register.

Written by Claire Doyle

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