Landlords have been advised to make sure that their properties are properly heated.

According to energy specialist eaga, living in a cold and damp house can possibly lead to occupants suffering from physical and mental problems.

Therefore, landlords who do not have sufficient heating installed could find their tenants more susceptible to illnesses, for which they could potentially be held accountable.

Simon Church, spokesperson for eaga, added that the property itself could also suffer, as the appearance of mould could make it necessary to redecorate more frequently.

He commented: "You're looking at reduced potential from the property itself and deterioration of the property as a whole."

Mr Church added that one of the best ways to encourage people to look after a house is to make sure it has sufficient heating.

However, many people in the UK are still struggling with recent increases in utility bills.

According to National Energy Action, gas prices went up by about 90 per cent between 2003 and 2007.


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