Private landlords looking to add value to their properties may find the latest home renovation advice from industry expert Michael Holmes of interest.

The presenter of Five's I Own Britain's Best Home show said that just changing the appearance of a property can add around three to five per cent to the overall value of a home - in a stable market.

Landlords have the added task of making their properties attractive to the rental market and it is widely considered that neutral decoration and the provision of all the basic home appliances are fundamental requirements for those who rent.

Mr Holmes, who is also editor of both Homebuilding &Renovating Magazine and Real Homes Magazine, said that adding value to a property starts with the process of repairing and maintaining core functions of the residence.

This involves "things like adding central heating, solving damp problems, fixing the roof, getting the plumbing up to scratch, making sure the building is warm, weather-tight, free of damp and rewired", he explained.

Written by Claire Doyle

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