A Manchester-based rental tenant has called for landlords to be more open-minded about allowing pets.

Gemma Wieczorek stated that property owners are being very unrealistic in expecting their tenants to live without pets.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, she said she is not in a position to buy her own home, and therefore has had no choice but to part company with her dog Rox.

"It doesn't seem realistic to expect all tenants to give up or never have pets,"she commented.

"I think landlords should spend time looking at individual cases before they make a decision."

Ms Wieczorek's dog Rox has now gone to live with her parents, which means she can still visit him whenever she wants.

However, she said she still misses him and finds it very sad that they have been separated.

According to a study by the Dogs Trust, nearly eight out of ten people who own pets have had problems finding rented accommodation that allows animals.

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