One of the major events in students' lives is when they sign their first tenancy agreements with private landlords, and now it has emerged that demand for university accommodation remains high.

Youngsters looking for flats to rent in the UK while they undertake their studies is a growing trend, according to Property Wire, and one that appears to show no signs of waning.

Citing a survey from Savills Research, the website suggested that with undergraduate student applications up this year, the growth rate of university accommodation students is outpacing the new supply of accommodation by a factor of ten across the UK.

It was stated that student accommodation is one of the strongest areas of the whole buy-to-let sector.

Jacqui Daly, director of Savills Research, said: "An underlying supply/demand imbalance points to a robust outlook for the sector, while the fundamental strengths of the business model mean that capital values have not fallen to the same degree as other commercial or residential real estate."

Experts have attributed the rise in university applications this year to the fact people would rather move into higher education than try to get a job in a tough economical climate.

Written by Claire Doyle

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