Private rented sector dominance ‘increasing’

The private rented sector has seen an increase in the past decade, after three-decade decline.Halifax's survey on the UK housing market noted its findings, which stated that the proportion of privately rented homed was 14 per cent in 2008.This is in comparison with the nine per cent statistic reported in 1991. The survey looked at [...]

Rental market could increase ‘due to mortgages’

Landlords in some areas of the UK could see an increase in potential tenants, according to one expert.Director of residential research at Savills Lucian Cook said: "There is the possibility that you will see more long-term rent demand."This is a result of people not being able to access the mortgage market or afford to purchase [...]

House Price Index shows ‘rising cost’

Those private sector landlords who are looking to buy or sell property may be affected by the latest Halifax House Price Index.It was reported yesterday (January 7th) that house prices in December had risen by one per cent since the previous month.Housing economist Martin Ellis said that low interest rates had "markedly reduced the burden [...]

Separated couples ‘forced to share home’

Tenants who live together as part of a couple but have split up may still be sharing a home because of financial difficulty, Shelter has claimed.According to the housing charity, almost one-quarter of people surveyed said they know somebody or they themselves have had to stay in accommodation with a partner because they cannot afford [...]

Landlords see ‘high rents on riverfront property’

Landlords may consider investing in riverfront properties, after it was revealed that those with a view of the River Thames prove most resilient when the economy is struggling.Cluttons carried out research which compared those properties with a riverfront view and those without in the Central London market.A fall in prices of 13 per cent was [...]

Rentals could go up as ‘more Brits adopt European attitude’

Landlords could see an influx of tenants who have sold homes thanks to the housing market crash, according to research from than 1.75 million homeowners would now consider renting rather than keeping the homes they own.This mirrors the habits of Continental Europeans who tend to act as tenants rather than buyers.Some 32 per cent [...]

Landlords ‘will see opportunities in 2010′

Landlords' main concern for 2010 will be that tenants might struggle with finances, a property website has stated.However, professional landlords will see opportunities for a bargain thanks to current house prices, Property Hawk advised.The past year has proved turbulent for those involved in the letting industry, editor at the website Chris Horne stated.Stability is now [...]

Commercial landlords ‘not offering payment flexibility’

Landlords are insisting that retailers must pay rents quarterly rather than allowing them to switch to monthly, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC).The organisation surveyed retailers and found that many commercial landlords are failing to offer retail tenants flexibility in terms of their rental payments.Some 12 per cent of retail property leases are on [...]

Student private landlords asked to be patient

Private landlords who rent out student accommodation in Brighton and the surrounding area have been asked to be patient in light of the latest delay in university-goers receiving government loans.Some property professionals have not yet received rent payments due to the hold-up in payments being dished out by the Student Loans Company, reports the Argus.With [...]

Landlord rent levels ‘rise again’

The average landlord rent charge in the UK rose by £1 in November, it has been reported.According to the November Rental Index, the typical rent being charged during the month to those who have signed tenancy agreements was £ suggests that landlord rent levels are now only 2.5 per cent lower than they were [...]