It is likely that the National Landlords Association (NLA) will be "fully supportive"of the Communities and Local Government department's new proposals to give more support to tenants.

Plans published this week suggest that tenants should be able to stay in a property for up to two months if the private landlord has it repossessed.

Changes to the current system have been deemed necessary because rent-paying tenants often find themselves homeless through no fault of their own when their landlords default on their mortgages.

Media relations manager at the NLA Steve Hilton said that the forthcoming consultation period - it is open until October - will provide his organisation with some time to respond to the proposals in full.

Commenting further, he explained: "It's not the tenant's fault [if properties are repossessed];it's where the landlords have effectively defrauded and let their properties on bog-standard residential mortgages."

Written by Claire Doyle

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