A rising student population is keeping rents high in east London.

Property specialist Erwin Rode told a First National Bank gathering that students pouring into areas such as Quigney and Southernwood are causing landlord rents to rise in such places, according to Daily Dispatch Online.

Dawn Hart of Rencon Real Estate told the publication that the demand for student accommodation in these areas is high.

According to Mr Rode, the demand is not being mirrored elsewhere. He observed that east London "appears to be becoming a university town".

Both experts reported that the demand for renting townhouses has fallen.

The Dispatch spoke to several estate agents in the area and most said there was a strong call for accommodation for people who were studying.

Recently, Keshav Thukuram of Smartlandlord.co.uk predicted that landlord rent would increase in the UK and predicted that the ratio of tenants looking for properties to the number of residences available will grow.

Written by John Weeks

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