Private landlords who have residences in university towns will find there are a number of positive aspects about renting their properties to the student market, it has been suggested.

According to Property Owners Directory website, large homes can be filled and the smallest rooms can be utilised when getting university-goers to sign tenancy agreements.

There is also the possibility of turning the lounge into another bedroom to boost landlord rent even more, the site said.

Moreover, it is likely there will be tenant demand throughout the term as students need a place to live while they attend lectures and seminars.

Offering further landlord advice, the portal stated: "As with any investment, it is better to do some research and consider the pros and cons of being a student landlord before looking for a suitable property."

Most English universities will start their first semesters this month, which will involve thousands of students moving to new parts of the country to start higher education.

Written by Claire Doyle

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