There has been a 2.2 per cent increase in landlord rent over the last six months, according to an industry expert.

Chris Horne, editor of Property Hawk website, said that things are picking up in the private rented sector.

"Although [rents] have fallen over the last two years they are actually starting to rise again - that's good news for landlords,"he explained.

Further evidence that landlord rent is on the rise comes in the form of a recent price barometer.

The Residential Rental Price Index statistics on the Rentright website indicate that average rental prices for July 2009 were £564, while they are at £674 this month.

Despite the drop to £531 in August, this represents a significant increase since the start of the year.

Private landlords may also have seen their properties grow in value over the last few months because both Halifax and Nationwide Building Society have reported growth in house prices since the start of 2009.

Written by Mark Garner

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