A third of private landlords in the UK expect an increase in tenant demand for property in the new year, new research reveals.

Mortgage provider Paragon indicates that those who rent out homes across the country are showing renewed confidence in their sector of the property market.

Private landlords are also predicting that the value of their property portfolios will increase in the coming year, while many expect they will add to their collection of residences in that time period.

And although a third of these property professionals think tenant demand will, grow, the majority have estimated that it is likely to remain stable throughout 2010.

Nigel Terrington, Paragon Group chief executive, detailed why there will continue to be the need for private rented sector housing.

"It is unlikely that the mainstream mortgage market will recover for a number of years and vast sectors of the population, such as first-time buyers and people with impaired credit history, continue to be excluded from the market,"he remarked.

Recent Nationwide Building Society and Halifax property price data has revealed that the average value of bricks and mortar in the UK tends to be rising each month, which suggests landlords are right to be optimistic for the year ahead.

Written by Sarah Field

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