A private landlord from Wales has added to the debate about the sustainability of the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) scheme.

Moira Clarkson from Cwmbran told the Western Mail that she has encountered a number of problems since the LHA initiative came into play in April 2008.

The property professional has rented out residences for the last four years and she has found the LHA system - which involves housing benefit being paid to tenants rather than straight to the landlord - troublesome.

"I have been put into a difficult financial position because of these changes,"said Ms Clarkson.

Other private landlords have reported similar occurrences in the last 18 months and the National Landlords Association has called on the system to be changed.

A number of landlords have left the private rented sector as a consequence, the organisation said, while others have experienced issues with rental arrears.

Written by Sarah Field

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