Private landlords who draw up tenancy agreements for students and rent out property to those who go to university can earn a stable income from their endeavours.

That is the view of one of the partners at real estate wealth management company Ingman Jones, Nick Harvey-Jones, who has said that renting to the student market is a "very attractive"proposition.

Indeed, he claimed that it is becoming more common for institutional investors to target this market, with a number of property professionals seeing it as a better place to invest than the turbulent commercial sector.

He said: "Students move in, they pay a deposit, there is no rent-free period, there is no incentive needed for them and therefore - as far as income goes - it is still growing and it is very stable compared to the commercial real estate world."

Some of the highly-populated student areas of the UK include Fallowfield in Manchester, Edgbaston in Birmingham and Headingley in Leeds. Private landlords looking to make some money may consider such regions as potential investment hotspots.

Written by Claire Doyle

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