Many tenants in the private rented sector face a "daily battle"to meet payments, according to the director of policy and campaigns at homeless charity Shelter.

Kay Boycott was commenting after a study by her organisation and the Money Advice Trust found that 1.3 million low-income households are struggling with their finances.

Private landlords may be affected by such a situation as it could mean that tenants fail to meet rent payments.

Indeed, a number of studies from property industry organisations have indicated that rent arrears have grown since the UK moved into recession last year.

The research indicated that 60 per cent of households in receipt of housing benefits or local housing allowance collect a sum that is less than the cost of their landlord rent.

Some 25 per cent of these people apparently need to make up a shortfall of over £49 a week.

"While we welcome the help that's available for homeowners in arrears, private tenants who are struggling to keep their homes should not be forgotten,"Ms Boycott remarked.

Written by Sarah Field

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