There are now more private landlords marketing online in the UK than there were at the end of last year, according to one property website., which allows people to advertise rooms for rent and other items for sale, indicates that 19 per cent more customers have been using its pages to showcase rental properties in the last three months.

Referred to by the portal as "unplandlords", the new property marketers have entered the sector for a variety of reasons.

Television presenter Sarah Beeny, an expert on bricks and mortar, said expanding families, an inability to sell at a desired price and recent redundancies are the causes of the increase in private landlord numbers.

In addition to potentially boosting the number of tenant credit checks and tenancy agreements, the saturated market has apparently prompted the cost of renting to go down.

Average rental costs in the UK have reduced by two per cent since the start of 2009, according to, with Oxford witnessing the biggest drop of six per cent.

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