The current economic situation has resulted in more landlord-tenancy conversations revolving around tenants asking for cheaper rents.

At least that is the view of Chris Horne, editor of landlord advice website Property Hawk, who has suggested that now is a "good time"to be a tenant.

There is definitely scope for headline rents to be negotiated, the private landlord expert explained.

"[Some tenants] also look at getting extras like satellite television and extra facilities;maybe an upgrade to the property, a new kitchen, a new washing machine or fridge freezers,"Mr Horne continued.

He also claimed that private landlords are willing to go the "extra mile"to finalise tenancy agreements and get people into their properties.

Bricks and mortar website FindaProperty reported earlier this week that the average UK rental asking price dropped by 0.4 per cent in March 2009 and now stands at £827 per month.

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