Various property surveys suggest that more private landlords are entering the market due to a failure to sell homes for the required price and the opportunity it presents to make some more money in difficult economic times.

As a consequence the Independent has gathered some landlord advice from a number of experts in the industry.

Michael O'Flynn, from property website, told the newspaper that would-be landlords must first ensure their bricks and mortar is "right for the local lettings market".

This can be achieved by researching the local lettings market to find out which people will potentially sign tenancy agreements and what rents can be charged.

Meanwhile, senior policy officer at the National Landlords Association Elizabeth Brogan suggested that there are two main things a new landlord should consider.

"First, they should make sure it's in a good state of repair and looking as good as possible. Second, they should consider carefully the level of rent it's being offered at,"she explained to the publication.

Written by John Weeks

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