An increasing number of people in the UK are struggling with their housing costs - and this includes those who need to pay a landlord rent.

The housing charity Shelter has suggested that unemployment and the general impact of the recession have created this current landscape.

Sam Younger, chief executive of the organisation, said that he would like the government to provide more programmes to help tenants who are struggling financially, although he commended the current "raft of initiatives"already in place.

Highlighting the current situation, he added: "Our research shows that private tenants are most likely to be paying the highest proportion of their income on housing, and some 70 per cent are making sacrifices to pay their rent."

It has been widely reported that the landlord tenancy payment arrangement has favoured the customer in the last year, with people able to negotiate good deals with the property owner or letting agent ahead of signing tenancy agreements.

Written by Claire Doyle

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