It has been proposed that private landlords in Nottingham must apply for planning permission if they are to set up houses in multiple occupation (HMO) for students and other tenants.

According to the Nottingham Evening Post, the local council and some residents think this will reduce the number of HMO properties in certain areas of the east midlands city.

Concerns have been raised that high student populations are not good for regions because of a number of factors. Some people have argued that their presence can result in an increase in uncared-for property and a reduction in family housing.

Maya Fletcher, a resident of Lenton, which is popular with students at Nottingham's universities, told the newspaper that the process of bringing HMOs into the current planning system should have already happened.

"They are the only form of housing development that doesn't need planning permission and landlords and developers have taken advantage of that fact,"she explained.

The situation in Nottingham comes soon after the government announced initial nationwide proposals to move HMOs away from residential areas in towns and cities across the UK.

Landlord and student groups oppose the move, with some claiming that any such development would create student ghettos.

Written by John Weeks

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