Whether it is becoming a private landlord or buying a home to live in, Britons are apparently keen on property investment.

Scottish Widows published research this week, showing that 45 per cent of people in the UK believe property provides a better return than other savings and investment vehicles.

And whereas 28 per cent of respondents to last year's survey thought that buying property is a good form of investment and can withstand the economic downturn, this figure rose to 48 per cent in the most recent study.

Commenting on the results, Bloomsbury Financial Planning partner Jason Butler said: "If people feel comfortable with [property] and they can rationalise it then they will have a propensity to want to invest in that over and above other investments."

However, he added that it is vital consumers do not "back one horse"when it comes to their investment portfolio.

Mr Butler suggested that when borrowing options are limited, the price of property can fall just as fast as it can rise when lending is less tight.

Written by John Weeks

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