There could be a number of new landlord rent opportunities in the coming year, according to a property expert.

John Heron, managing director of buy-to-let mortgage group Paragon Mortgages, said that an increase in university applications among mature students could be good news for private landlords.

More tenancy agreements could be on the cards as there has apparently been a 12.9 per cent upturn in the number of 21 to 24-year-olds looking to undertake studies in the 2009-10 academic year.

Applications for the next university intake would have been made at the end of 2008, but there will still be the chance for some youngsters to gain entry via the clearing system in the summer.

"This increase in demand is not only good news for landlords that focus on the student lettings market, but also potentially landlords in the wider vicinity of the university,"Mr Heron explained.

Mature students could be prepared to live further away from their university, compared to the typical student, which may boost rental demand "more generally", he added.

Written by Sarah Field

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