NLA makes E.ON a recognised supplier

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has added E.ON UK to its list of recognised suppliers.Landlords can now benefit from customer service advice from the supplier, as well as reasonably priced rates.Head of marketing at NLA Paul Berwick said: "More and more companies [are] realising that landlords are a key market for energy companies."Reasonable prices and [...]

Tenants ‘should save £60 extra’for winter fuel

Landlords and homeowners are being advised not to fear that energy prices will rise as a result of the big freeze.Energy expert at Tom Lyon said that bills will be higher because of increased consumption, but that prices will not rise."Higher demand because of sub-zero temperatures and the current rationing of energy to certain [...]

Retrofitting ‘should be more popular’

Landlords may consider making property more energy efficient, following claims that more well-known companies are promoting retrofitting.Deputy director of Green Alliance Thomas Lingard said that retrofitting is an important part of the UK's aim to cut carbon emissions."People are very protective of their houses and will be reassured by brands that they know and trust. [...]

Tenants and homeowners may profit from £1 billion scheme

Tenants who rent property in rural communities and regions which do not currently have access to next generation broadband, such as hard to reach areas, may benefit from government investment.Business secretary Lord Mandelson announced yesterday (January 7th) that £1 billion of government investment will go towards upgrading the country's digital infrastructure.Some 90 per cent of [...]

House Price Index shows ‘rising cost’

Those private sector landlords who are looking to buy or sell property may be affected by the latest Halifax House Price Index.It was reported yesterday (January 7th) that house prices in December had risen by one per cent since the previous month.Housing economist Martin Ellis said that low interest rates had "markedly reduced the burden [...]

Halifax: Protect against burst pipes

Damage from burst pipes and other problems created by the cold weather can be expensive to repair. Landlords may therefore wish to follow some advice on how to protect their buy-to-let properties from the freezing temperatures. Halifax recommends ensuring that water pipes, the water tank and the loft of the property is properly insulated, to [...]

Separated couples ‘forced to share home’

Tenants who live together as part of a couple but have split up may still be sharing a home because of financial difficulty, Shelter has claimed.According to the housing charity, almost one-quarter of people surveyed said they know somebody or they themselves have had to stay in accommodation with a partner because they cannot afford [...]

Tenants could be avoiding heating ‘to save for rent’

Tenants and homeowners may be trying to use less heating during the cold weather because they do not wish to incur high bills, according to Shelter.Some 27 per cent of respondents to a survey by the organisation said that they are spending less on bills in a bid to help pay rents or mortgages.Director of [...]

Landlords see ‘high rents on riverfront property’

Landlords may consider investing in riverfront properties, after it was revealed that those with a view of the River Thames prove most resilient when the economy is struggling.Cluttons carried out research which compared those properties with a riverfront view and those without in the Central London market.A fall in prices of 13 per cent was [...]

Boiler scrappage scheme launched today

Tenants and property owners could see reduced energy bills as the boiler scrappage scheme is introduced today (January 5th). Prime minister Gordon Brown and energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband have launched the scheme, which aims to upgrade household heating systems.Those properties which contain G-rated boilers are eligible to apply for a £400 voucher [...]