Deposit protection scheme sees ‘hefty price increase’

Landlords and tenants who use deposit protection schemes may be affected by new charges from The Dispute Service (TDS). New subscriptions for 2010-11 will be charged in two instalments. In the summer there will be a second invoice, which will look at the number of disputes submitted and any changes made to registered tenancies.However, chief [...]

Pet charity makes private landlord plea

Private landlords across the UK have are being urged to consider their opinions on prohibiting pets in the properties they rent out.On many tenancy agreements throughout the country, there are strict rules saying that tenants are not allowed to keep their furry friends in the homes they rent from landlords.But in light of the recent [...]

Videos used in tenancy deposit dispute cases

More and more private landlords and property professionals are using video evidence in tenancy deposit dispute cases, it has been suggested.According to government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme, those involved in the private rented sector are increasingly beginning to see that "clear evidence"is needed if they want to withhold all or part of their [...]

Tenant deposits ‘must be protected’

Private landlords have been reminded that the deposits taken from tenants at the start of tenancy agreements must be protected by a government-authorised scheme.Kate McLoughlin from property website Zoomf said that the schemes have been designed to ensure tenants can get their money back when they are entitled to it and unscrupulous private landlords cannot [...]

Neil: Time to take action on tenant deposits

Housing and communities minister in Scotland Alex Neil has claimed it is time to take "strong action"to help protect the money of tenants and private landlords north of the border.A national government tenancy deposit scheme has been mooted, which will ensure disputes about landlord rent are dealt with fairly and monies are returned more [...]

Students advised on tenancy agreements

Students heading back to university and new rented properties this month have been given some advice and reminders relating to their tenancy agreements.The contracts private landlords make tenants sign mean that everybody in the house is responsible for paying the bills and a spokesperson for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme has issued a warning about this [...]

Tenants ‘have right to live without landlord interference’

Tenants of rented property have the right to live their lives without interference from private landlords, according to the government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme, in a guide to students who may be looking to sign tenancy agreements in the coming months as they prepare for university life, the company noted there are landlord rights [...]

Many renters ‘unaware’of tenancy deposit scheme

A number of people who use the private-rented sector are unaware of the tenancy deposit scheme, it has been suggested.The trading name of Tenancy Deposit Solutions,, has revealed that there are some "clueless"tenants in the UK who are unaware that the money they use to secure a flat or house should be protected [...]

Property buyers advised to research

Private landlords may wish to heed the advice of the head of consulting at independent property investment consultancy Ducalian.According to Timothy Lambert, anyone buying a home - whether it is to live in or the subject of a tenancy agreement - should conduct thorough research before parting with their money.His advice follows similar guidance from [...]

A landlord-tenant relationship ‘practical’

Signing a tenancy agreement and therefore developing a landlord-tenancy relationship is seen as a "practical"move by young people, according to DTZ Residential chairman Peter Braithwaite.He suggested that, in contrast, homeownership is "an aspiration"for many of the younger generation.With the economy struggling and many people out of work, mortgages are unaffordable for a large [...]