A number of people who use the private-rented sector are unaware of the tenancy deposit scheme, it has been suggested.

The trading name of Tenancy Deposit Solutions, mydeposits.co.uk, has revealed that there are some "clueless"tenants in the UK who are unaware that the money they use to secure a flat or house should be protected by a government-led initiative.

Some people are unaware that it is a legal requirement to hold a deposit with the scheme, the organisation claimed. The regulation has been in place since the government recruited Tenancy Deposit Solutions to run the system in 2006.

Eddie Hooker, chief executive of mydeposits.co.uk, remarked: "A protected deposit gives tenants the chance to raise a dispute at the end of the tenancy if they feel their landlord has unfairly withheld it."

He added that tenants who use the scheme can utilise a free and impartial dispute resolution service.

Written by Sarah Field

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