Private landlords have been reminded that the deposits taken from tenants at the start of tenancy agreements must be protected by a government-authorised scheme.

Kate McLoughlin from property website Zoomf said that the schemes have been designed to ensure tenants can get their money back when they are entitled to it and unscrupulous private landlords cannot keep hold of it.

The industry expert, who was commenting in the Liverpool Echo, also advised that there are "two types of scheme available"- one is custodial and the other is insurance-based.

She added: "Tenancy deposit protection schemes were introduced in April 2007 to prevent misappropriation by landlords and letting agents."

Of course, private landlords have the right to keep hold of part or all of a tenant's deposit if the renter is at fault for damaging or devaluing the property they were living in.

Student housing is one area of the private rented sector where there are often disagreements between landlords and tenants.

Written by John Weeks

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