More and more private landlords and property professionals are using video evidence in tenancy deposit dispute cases, it has been suggested.

According to government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme, those involved in the private rented sector are increasingly beginning to see that "clear evidence"is needed if they want to withhold all or part of their deposits.

Landlords are often reminded that good referencing is key in limiting the chance of recruiting unsuitable tenants.

Kate McLoughlin from property website Zoomf told the Liverpool Echo earlier this month that a tenant's employer and previous landlord should be contacted prior to getting them to sign a tenancy agreement.

Commenting on the increase in video evidence, chief executive of Eddie Hooker said: "It is no bad thing that landlords are trying to provide the most detailed evidence they can."

He added that "a well put together video"can help with the check-in and checkout process.

Written by Mark Garner

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