Private landlords across the UK have are being urged to consider their opinions on prohibiting pets in the properties they rent out.

On many tenancy agreements throughout the country, there are strict rules saying that tenants are not allowed to keep their furry friends in the homes they rent from landlords.

But in light of the recent floods in Cumbria, which has left many families without a habitable place to live and wondering what to do with their animals, the Mayhew Animal Home is calling on the UK's landlords to be more flexible with their no-pet policies.

It claims that rescue centres are seeing high numbers of pets arrive on their premises - and many of them appear as a result of private landlords not allowing animals in rented homes.

Caroline Bates, Mayhew chief executive officer, said that she hoped landlords would recognise that well-trained pets present no problems in the home.

She added that by permitting pets in tenancy agreements, landlords will be helping ease the burden on pet centres across the UK.

Written by Mark Garner

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