Tenancy deposit scheme debated

The merits of the tenancy deposit scheme have been debated by the founder of online property site Briffy.com.David Amstell said that the initiative, which was introduced by the government a couple of years ago, "does protect a tenant against unscrupulous landlords"who do not want to return a deposit.It works because both private landlord and [...]

Importance of tenancy agreements made clear

Online property website Briffy.com has emphasised the importance of tenancy agreements to the private landlord sector.David Amstell, founder of the company, said that as long as people create tenancy agreements they can rent out their property.Indeed, apart from this piece of legislation, the housing expert suggested that becoming a landlord is "not rocket science"."You just [...]

Private landlords ‘should receive money from LHA scheme’

The money from the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) scheme should go straight to the private landlords concerned, as opposed to the tenants, according to property firm Clarity Investments.Chris Jenkins, manager of the company, said the current system means tenants will not necessarily use the cash to pay their private landlord."At the moment the only way [...]

Both tenant and landlord ‘must know responsibilities’

It is "crucial"that property owners know their landlord responsibilities and tenants follow their side of the bargain if a student tenancy agreement is to be successful.That is the view of Cosima Sempill, who used to live in a house owned by her parents when she was at university.Ms Sempill told the Times that there [...]

TDS appoints manager ‘to improve service’

Letting agents which manage private landlords' deposits will save time and money by providing feedback about the service, says the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDC).This pledge comes after the body appointed Helen McCarthy as its new outreach manager, effective from next month.Her role will be to help member letting agents gain a better understanding of tenancy [...]

Tenants ‘like to feel included in landlord decision-making’

Private landlords could enjoy a more positive relationship with their tenants if they appear receptive to the views of their accommodation users before they make certain decisions, it has been suggested.According to Peter March, chief executive of the Tenant Services Authority, research has shown that involving tenants in a decision-making process could reduce the likelihood [...]

Cleaning main cause of landlord-tenant deposit disputes

Figures published by the government's Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) have shown that cleaning is the single largest cause of disputes between private landlords and tenants.The TDS, which was holding £757 million in deposits by the end of January, revealed a researching a number of case studies that 52 per cent of disputes involved cleaning.Meanwhile, property [...]

No shame in renting, young Britons told

Tenant demand could continue to grow for buy-to-let mortgage holders after a finance expert has urged younger Britons to consider renting.David Kuo, head of personal finance at money website Fool.co.uk, said a buyer on a salary of £20,000 in the current climate would be taking on a debt eight times the size of their income [...]

Landlord fined for ‘shotgun tenancy dispute’

Private landlords considering tenancy agreements might consider including parking criteria after a bizarre dispute in West Rutland earlier this week.A quarrel led to a landlord poking his tenant with a shotgun at a house in Main Street, Rutland, on Monday, reports the Rutland Herald.The argument started because the tenant - who lived in an apartment [...]

‘Surprise tenants with a full deposit refund’

Many renters wrongly assume the chances of receiving a full deposit refund at the end of their tenancy are "almost zero", according to a lettings agent.Belvoir, a letting and buy-to-let firm, has advised tenants that if they follow rules laid out in their tenancy agreement, they are entitled to full repayment of their deposit.The firm [...]