Rubbish left by tenants departing from rented properties has been described as a regular occurrence.

Marcia Greenwood, neighbourhood manager for Selly Oak, told the Birmingham Mail that students dumping items when they clear out their homes at the end of the academic year is an "annual problem".

The University of Birmingham Housing Services and Guild and the Selly Oak Caretaker Society clear the area, which the police and fire services also assess to identify arson risks.

Funding for the clearing up comes from the Fire Reduction Partnership and the Selly Oak Ward Community Chest.

Recent items left by student renters included a tropical fish tank and an air hockey table.

Carrying out thorough tenant reference checks is one way that private landlords can try to ensure their renters do not behave irresponsibly.

Many more students will be heading for university next month after receiving their A-Level and AS-Level results last week.

Written by Mark Garner

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