A private landlord from Cleethorpes has launched a new website that aims to increase landlords' rights.

Dubbed Property Watch, the portal encourages those who rent out residences to sign up to a petition calling for more landlord protection from rogue tenants.

Commenting to the Grimsby Telegraph, the man behind the initiative - Ashley Gregory - said: "I believe the legal rights between landlords and tenants urgently need to be reviewed to reflect what is happening in the letting market."

The property professional added that he is hoping the response is big enough to be noticed by the government.

Mr Gregory explained to the publication that he has experienced six or seven bad tenants in the past, who have either damaged property or failed to pay their landlord rent.

The actions of one particular bad tenant led the 25-year-old to unfurl a banner on the outside of one of his houses, which read: "Warning: Bad tenant lives here."

His new website comes at a time when the government is considering introducing a register to clamp down on unscrupulous private landlords.

Written by John Weeks

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