Live-in landlords looking to rent out their properties have been advised of a number of basic rules to help ensure a happy coexistence.

With sellers struggling to offload their properties in the current financial climate, some may turn to renting out their homes to lodgers.

However, the Daily Telegraph has warned that landlords must follow some simple steps and "make some allowances"for their new house guests.

Michael O'Flynn of told the newspaper it is important not to "take pity on down and outs"when searching for a lodger.

"The best lodgers are people who have their lives together, hard-working motivated people with a purpose in life,"he suggested.

It is also essential to "set out the guidelines right from the beginning", Mr O'Flynn said, to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

By selecting the right lodger and negotiating a routine that is appropriate for both tenant and landlord, the relationship can become more like a friendship than a simple houseshare, the report concludes.

An article in the Observer recently suggested that landlords may need to develop and invest in their properties as the rental sector begins to become flooded with new additions.ADNFCR-2002-ID-18933951-ADNFCR

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