A Nottingham landlord has branded his experience "an absolute nightmare"after a police raid on his property revealed that hundreds of cannabis plants were being grown on the premises.

Andrew Espinasse said the state of his house was "unbelievable"after discovering that the entire attic and upstairs living area had been converted to cultivate the plants, the Derby Evening Telegraph reports.

"There was about 4ft of soil, water was seeping from the plaster from where the plants have been watered and the front door had been broken in,"he commented.

Worse still, Mr Espinasse revealed that he was not covered by his building insurance policy for such damage, leaving him to foot the £25,000 bill needed to carry out repairs on the property.

A police spokesman said discoveries such as this had become "a common theme"in privately rented accommodation, warning that landlords must "be aware of who they are taking on"in order to avoid such hassle.

The discovery comes after police in Suffolk released a guide for private landlords in the area listing the telltale signs that could help them tell whether their properties are being used for illegal drug production.ADNFCR-2002-ID-18975528-ADNFCR

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