In the month when the National Landlords Association has increased its drive to prevent private landlords' properties being used as drugs factories, another house has been put on the suspected cannabis factory list.

The Lancashire Telegraph reports that Shahzad Ahmed found the remains of what he thought was a professional drug making system in one of the properties he rented out in Bacup.

An aroma of cannabis and bags of fertiliser were evident in the house, while the electric had been tampered with - suggesting growth of the drug had occurred on the premises.

This incident shows the importance of carrying out the correct checks on clients before signing tenancy agreements, although even private landlords who conduct tenancy credit checks and other referencing can be let down by a customer.

Mr Ahmed told the newspaper: "We only usually rent to people who are working, but this guy gave me a sob story about being made redundant and his girlfriend being pregnant."

"He had all the correct housing benefit forms, so I thought I'd give him a break."

Written by Sarah Field

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