Attitudes towards renting ‘are changing’

People in the UK are becoming more inclined to rent property instead of buy, it has been suggested.A new report from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla), has shown that young adults are twice as likely to use landlord services and rent a property compared to the previous generation.The survey questioned people aged between [...]

Landlords should take care to “get the right tenants”

Landlords - particularly those who are new to letting property - should take care that they "get it right"when it comes to selecting tenants.John Fitzsimons of suggested that it is a good idea for landlords to use the Tenant Check service offered by the National Landlords Association, as the £10 service for non-members [...]

Landlords using online directory ‘to fight rent dodgers’

A new online directory has been set up to help landlords in the fight against rent dodgers.Mark Taylor of Taylor Housing told the Evening Telegraph that the site could prove to be a useful service for all landlords, as tenants who do not pay the rent are "becoming something of an epidemic that's got to [...]

Cambridge’s private landlords bemoan red tape

A UK Border Agency initiative which involves questioning private landlords in Cambridge to track down illegal immigrants has been described as "red tape for the sake of it".Local landlord Dennis Whitfield called the crackdown, which involves representatives from the Home Office checking tenancy agreements from the last year, "an obscure law"that has never been [...]

Warning for private landlords

In the month when the National Landlords Association has increased its drive to prevent private landlords' properties being used as drugs factories, another house has been put on the suspected cannabis factory list.The Lancashire Telegraph reports that Shahzad Ahmed found the remains of what he thought was a professional drug making system in one of [...]

Landlord legal case in Milton Keynes

A legal case in Milton Keynes has highlighted to private landlords the importance of conducting thorough tenant credit checks.Richard Jerome and his wife Hazel could be sent to prison after they failed to pay their landlord rent in two different properties thanks to an elaborate scheme, reports the Milton Keynes Citizen.The couple were able to [...]

Private landlords ‘must conduct their research’

Before tenancy agreements can be drawn up, property tax is paid and tenant credit checks are undertaken, private landlords need to find the home they want to purchase for buy-to-let purposes.And as a form of landlord advice, Property Hawk website editor Chris Horne has suggested that investing in housing is "all about research", which highlights [...]

Landlords reminded to run tenant credit checks

Private landlords have been reminded about the importance of running tenant credit checks prior to letting out a property to a customer.Housing industry online portal said that the decision about who lives in a property is one of a private landlord's "most important considerations"."It is vital that you'll receive your rent on time, your [...]

‘More good tenants’claiming housing benefit

Private landlords are dealing with an increasing number of "prospective good tenants"who have housing benefit, it has been suggested.According to Chris Jenkins, manager of property firm Clarity Commercial, growing unemployment in the UK has resulted in a larger number of benefit claimers who actually have positive references.When tenant credit checks are undertaken, it is [...]

Letting agent awards announced

Television celebrity and property expert Phil Spencer was the host of the recent 2009 Estate Agent and Letting Agent Awards.Agents from across the UK were recognised for their efforts during the ceremony at Marriot Hotel on Grosvenor Square, London earlier this month.As well as organising tenancy agreements and undertaking tenant credit checks, letting agents have [...]