Prospective buy-to-let landlords have been encouraged to consider the impact of the decor on would-be tenants.

According to the Times, property investors need to make sure their residence in the best possible condition, as this will make it more appealing.

However, the newspaper said owners should consider whether they are planning to appeal to a target market and decorate their home accordingly.

The publication stated that this could enable a property to beat any competition in the immediate area.

Landlords were encouraged to decorate a property in neutral colours, as this would make it easier for potential tenants to picture themselves living there.

The Times added that a house could smell more "homely"if they use flowers and candles while potential tenants are being shown round.

Landlords were advised earlier this week to prepare the possibility of tenants defaulting on their payments.

Judienne Wood, lettings director at Kinleigh Folkard &Hayward, said the economic downturn could lead to more people having financial difficulties.

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