Mortgage lenders have been urged to pass on recent interest rate reductions to landlords.

Simon Gordon of the National Landlords Association said lenders need to "play ball"following last month's 0.5 per cent interest rate reduction.

He stated that while this rate cut was "decent", many landlords in the UK have so far yet to see any real benefits in subsequent weeks.

"Part and parcel of the government bailout was the requirement for lenders to start lending to consumers,"he commented.

Mr Gordon warned that allowing landlords access to mortgage finance is "critical"for the health of the property market.

He added that many professional landlords have been frustrated by a lack of suitable products, especially as there is still high demand for buy-to-let mortgages.

This, he stated, comes at a time when rental demand is up across the country, leading to many landlords looking to expand their portfolios.

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