NEW Planning Law Change Could Wreck Renting For Landlords

 HMOs and Planning The Government has got it wrong The Government recently announced that all shared housing will require planning permission. The implications are huge for the thousands of landlords who let properties to shared households and tens of thousands of tenants who depend on access to shared housing. Join us in making sure the [...]

NLA raised £500 for London charity

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has revealed the results of a fundraising project.Some £500 was raised for Thames21 - a waterways charity in the capital.Money was donated from NLA employees rather than them sending Christmas cards to each other and to clients last year. Chairman of the organisation David Salusbury said: "With our offices overlooking [...]

Government stamp duty rules were ‘ill-advised’

Landlords may be interested in a response to a publication by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) on lending figures.Chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) Peter Bolton King said the government could have difficulties in justifying stamp duty rules if lending has dropped this month.A rise in mortgage lending was noted [...] Energy costs ‘rising substantially’

Landlords and their tenants have could increasingly find that household energy is unaffordable, it has been commented on a report released yesterday (January 21st) by Ofgem, which said that there were worrying trends in this area.Average debt for energy bills was continuing to see an annual increase and was 20 per cent higher in [...]

Young buyers ‘do not want’house price rise

Landlords may see more potential tenants, after it was claimed that even couples who are both on "decent"incomes are being priced out of buying a home for themselves.Spokesperson for Katy John said: "Because house prices are so high, many couples are finding that even on two decent incomes they are unable to afford [...]

Shopping for home insurance is a ‘sensible option’

Landlords and tenants may wish to switch their home insurance providers to save money, it has been advised.External affairs director for Equifax Neil Munroe said that this is a sensible option, rather than cutting out cover completely."Insurance is very important, but obviously it is difficult for people to realise this until they come to make [...]

Private rented sector dominance ‘increasing’

The private rented sector has seen an increase in the past decade, after three-decade decline.Halifax's survey on the UK housing market noted its findings, which stated that the proportion of privately rented homed was 14 per cent in 2008.This is in comparison with the nine per cent statistic reported in 1991. The survey looked at [...]

Deposit protection scheme sees ‘hefty price increase’

Landlords and tenants who use deposit protection schemes may be affected by new charges from The Dispute Service (TDS). New subscriptions for 2010-11 will be charged in two instalments. In the summer there will be a second invoice, which will look at the number of disputes submitted and any changes made to registered tenancies.However, chief [...]

Property to be bought ‘by 10% of landlords’in Q1

Landlords may be responsible for a surge in property purchases, following an announcement that one in ten landlords plans to invest in the first quarter of this year.Property portfolios will be expanded by ten per cent of landlords in this quarter, Paragon Mortgages' Trends research discovered.Landlords prefer terraced housing, with almost two-thirds stating that this [...]

Home phone providers are ‘stumbling’

Many tenants and homeowners may not be satisfied with their home phone providers, it has been claimed.This is according to the first annual Customer Satisfaction Awards.Product director at the company Michael Phillips said: "There are still some stumbling blocks that home phone providers need to address if they are going to retain their customers [...]